Gardening Help Your Children Grow

Gardening Help Your Children Grow

Getting your children involved in gardening has many positive benefits. Nurturing seedlings and small plants and helping them to grow into healthy and flourishing adult plants is good for the mind and soul. It also gives children something fun to do and they will learn new lifelong skills.

Let’s briefly look at a few of the positive things children learn from gardening and growing plants.



Tending to and caring for a plant so it grows and remains healthy takes a good degree of responsibility. When children learn responsibility at an early age, it really sets them up for life, encouraging them to be responsible in other areas as well. The plant is relying on the child for its survival. It’s a great training ground.



Children will grow in confidence as they see their garden flourish, knowing they played a major role in the health and success of the garden as a whole. It’s a very satisfying experience growing a plant from a seed right through to a healthy adult plant. It’s very nourishing for the soul.


Develop A Love Of Nature

When actively involved in gardening on a regular basis, kids will develop a much deeper appreciation and love of nature. We live in a world that is very environmentally aware, and working in a garden is a really hands on way to contribute and give back to the environment.


A Deeper Understanding

Gardening is always a good way for children to learn about cause and effect, that if plants are not watered regularly they will dry up and die. Likewise the health of the soil must be maintained in order for the garden to flourish. They will also learn to recognise weeds and remove them.


Good Physical Activity

Yet another opportunity for kids to be outdoors and active, gardening also teaches teamwork if there are a number of children tending to the garden, or taking turns looking after the plants. It is healthy to be outdoors, getting fresh air whilst doing something very productive.



Deciding on a variety of plants to grow and seeing them bloom is quite a creative process; especially when growing something like different types of flowers. We are all born creative. We just need to continually nurture that creativity, and gardening is a positive way of doing that.


Children Learn About Nutrition

Get the kids to start growing some vegetables or fruit. This way they can eventually sample the fruits of their labour, and there are not many things more satisfying than eating fruit or vegetables fresh from a garden that you grew yourself.


The Kids In Motion In Tweed Heads

At The Kids In Motion in Tweed Heads we offer a before and after school care service as well as vacation care. Part of our curriculum involves teaching children about gardening and we have gardens for them to tend to. They can even learn dance and performing art. Our service is approved for the child care benefit.