Benefits Of Dance For Young Children

Benefits Of Dance For Young Children

When we think of learning to dance, it’s often associated with being an adult. Sometimes we only consider having our children taught some dance moves when they have an activity or performance at school in which some dance steps are required. However, there are some key benefits of dance for young children, and in this post we’ll take a look at a few.

Performing art is a great skill to learn at a young age, whether it just be one form of dance or performing art, or several. For starters, dance is a great confidence builder and this is so important to develop as a child. An unconfident child is more likely to grow into an unconfident adult, struggling to get through life and fulfil their greatest potential.

Dance is a fun form of exercise. Rather than just sending kids on a run or doing some boring exercise routine with little purpose, dance actually gives them a reason to exercise without realising they actually are exercising. You tell a child to go do some exercise and they’ll probably argue against it. Ask a child to do something that’s fun that also involves exercise, then usually they are happy to do it. Kids like to have fun and be entertained, that’s the bottom line, and learning to dance certainly can be fun.

With dance comes greater flexibility and increased coordination. A child’s agility will be improved through dance classes, as well as promoting very good posture. These are the formative years both physically and mentally, and dance is the perfect solution for so many areas of childhood development.

We all love music at any age. Music makes everything more fun and music is a great motivator. Your child will learn a deeper appreciation of music through dance, and this will also assist in the development of great coordination.

Dance classes present the opportunity for children to meet new friends, learn teamwork and new skills, and generally just become more adept and confident to socialise.

But it isn’t all just about giving children a fun activity to do and learn. The dance skills learnt as a child can be useful on so many occasions when they become adults.

·         A school social

·         The wedding dance

·         Going on dates

The above are just a select few scenarios where learning the skills of dance as a child can carry on through into adulthood.


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