Before And After School Care With The Kids In Motion

Before And After School Care With The Kids In Motion

At The Kids In Motion in Tweed Heads we run a before and after school care service as well as vacation care. While we are primarily a dance and performing art studio, we also off a variety of other activities to keep your children entertained and to help them learn.

Here’s why you should book your children into The Kids In Motion for before and after school care and vacation care.


What Will Your Children Be Doing?

We offer a variety of activities at The Kids In Motion at Tweed Heads. We run dance classes and teach your children performing art. Learning to dance has some great life lessons and it is well worth your children being involved as it builds confidence, keeps them active, and helps them to develop dexterity, flexibility and coordination. We also run a number of dance and performing art workshops for children.

Some of our other activities include things such as gardening, where the children get to spend some time outdoors growing vegetables and learning how to nurture healthy plants. Gardening teaches children about responsibility and increases their appreciation for both nature and nutrition. Your children will both plant and grow the vegetables, partaking in the satisfaction of eventually being able to taste the fruits of their labour.

Mindfulness is another activity we teach at The Kids In Motion. Your children will learn how to be in the moment, appreciate the little things they have in life, and also learn how to be way more focused on the tasks they do.

Light exercise is incorporated into the curriculum as well, so children can be active, fit and healthy and learn the positive habits and benefits that daily exercise can bring into their lives. The exercises are often done in groups so the kids learn teamwork as a part of the process.

Your kids also get the chance to catch up on study and to do their homework while in our care. When they have some spare time, they can simply just chill out and read a book.


Child Care Rebate

As the before and after school care program is government approved, you will be eligible for the child care rebate when you book your children in for before and after school care and vacation care with us. So get in touch today and be assured your children will be learning valuable skills for their future.