Active Children Are Healthy Children

Keeping children active isn’t all about merely keeping them entertained. Active children are healthy children, and not just physically. Exercising and being active is just as healthy for the mind as it is for the body.


Create Good Habits

Encouraging children from a young age to be active every day creates good habits that will set them up for life. We all know this is the prime age for learning, and much of what we do as adults is a result of things we learnt as children, whether we were conscious of it or not. The more young children learn to be active on a regular basis, the more it will naturally become a part of their routine. This will likely carry on through to their teenage years and hopefully continue into adulthood.


Benefits Of Being Active

These formative years are just so important. It’s when both the body and mind are constantly in a growth and development phase. In order to develop to an optimum level, the body and mind need to be kept active. Here are some of the benefits at a glance:

·         It encourages the growth of strong muscles and bone structure

·         Achieve and maintain a healthy weight

·         Develop good posture

·         Improve dexterity and balance

·         Reduce mental stress

·         Increase confidence levels and boost self-esteem

·         Develop flexibility in muscles and joints

·         Good for cardiovascular fitness

·         Improve social skills and make new friends

This is just a short list of the benefits of keeping physically active as a child. It really is so important to encourage physical activity at a young age for so many positive reasons. They can potentially reap the benefits of an active childhood for the rest of their lives.

It also creates an opportunity for children to further develop their social skills, by interacting with other children on aregular basis in a fun environment. If children are enjoying what they are doing, then they will be happy to be active doing it.


Before And After School Care

The Kids In Motion in Tweed Heads offers both before and after school care as well as vacation care. While primarily we offer dance classes – which is a really fun form of physically activity and also leads to the develop of dexterity, posture and self-confidence – we also offer other activities to keep the kids entertained.

Children are welcome to partake in the dance classes. If they opt out, we have the option of doing gardening, performing arts, study time, learning mindfulness, or they can simply just chill out for a few hours.

When you book your children in for before school care or after school care with The Kids In Motion, you are eligible for the government’s child care rebate. So get in touch today and talk to us about before and after school care with The Kids In Motion.