6 Life Lessons Dance Teaches You

We can learn something positive from just about everything we do in life, and dance is no exception. In fact, dance can teach us many valuable life lessons. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a child or an adult, all of us can benefit from learning how to dance and in this post we’ll take a look at some of the things dance teaches us.


#1 - Perseverance

Throughout life having this one character trait alone can be the difference between success and failure with just about everything we do. Perseverance is just so important; it’s everything. Dancing can be hard to learn and perform properly and it is a great training ground for developing perseverance. There are times when you are convinced you “just won’t get it”, but then it all suddenly clicks and comes together. Life is much the same.


#2 – Discipline

Discipline often goes hand in hand with perseverance. Learning a dance routine and adhering to the rules of the dance and the dress code, persevering until you get everything right, really teaches us self-discipline.


#3 – Teamwork

Whether you are dancing with just one partner or with a group, you will learn teamwork in the dance studio, teamwork that is vital to the success of the dance and your group as a whole. The team is only as strong as the weakest dance member. You will also learn to stretch yourself as you don’t want to let the team down.


#4 – Dedication

If you really want to become an exceptional dancer then it takes loads of dedication. You have to really want it. If you can learn to want to dance badly enough that you succeed, this lesson can be passed on to other things you want to achieve in life.


#5 – Confidence And Self-Image

Learning to dance is a fantastic confidence booster, and learning to dance really well will boost your self-image exponentially. Dancing can be tricky to get right; not only remembering the moves, but also performing those moves really well. If you can become proficient at dancing, you will be able to tackle other facets of life with renewed confidence.


#6 – Passion

If you want to become good or great at anything, then you will need to have passion for what you are learning. Dancing is emotional as much as it is technical. All music is emotion, and that comes through in various types of dance. Learn how to express your passion for dance and you will be able to adapt those passions in other endeavours.


Children Should Learn To Dance

Dancing is a great way to teach children many positive things that will serve them well all throughout their lives. At The Kids In Motion in Tweed Heads we teach dance and performing art to children, and we also offer a before and after school care program that incorporates dance lessons. Our care is covered under the government’s child care rebate, so book your children in for dance classes today.